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The UK is a very popular destination when it comes to international students wanting to pursue further studies. It holds two of the most prestigious universities, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. The UK has a deeply rooted education system and holds 4 of the top 10 best universities in the world.

Benefits of Studying in The UK


The UK provides many scholarships and financial aids for promising international students and makes higher education available to every class. 


Primary Language

Since all of the residents there speak in english it is very easy for students to converse a little is lost in translation. 


Vast Number of Courses 

The UK has one of the biggest ranges of courses to choose from and it allows students to pick combinations of subjects they find enticing. 



The UK being one of the most popular countries, has students and people from all over the world which allows international students to be exposed to new cultures and traditions. 

Plan Your Journey!

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 Universities in The UK offer two major intakes:

  •       Semester 1 (Sept): Ideal for immersing in vibrant campus life during the Autumn Intake.
  •       Semester 2 (Jan): Offers a lively academic atmosphere during the Spring Intake, attracting students with warmer weather and vibrant campus life.
  •       Rolling Admissions: Some universities offer rolling admissions, providing flexibility for students who miss initial intake deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lowest grade for admission in the UK?

Usually Universities require you to maintain a certain grade which is around 65%. 


Is the UK good for students? 

The UK has a very friendly and vibrant culture and cities filled with life. 


How much scholarship does the UK give? 

The UK provides aid for most students and depends on the capability and promise of the student. 

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