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The USA is probably the most popular country for international students for both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. It has hundreds of universities to choose from with beautiful campuses. The universities also offer cutting edge technology that makes sure students are reaching their maximum potential.

Benefits of Studying in The USA

Primary Language

Since all of the residents there speak in english it is very easy for students to converse a little is lost in translation. 



Universities in the USA are renowned for their amazing financial aid services and make sure to provide students with ample aid. 



The USA is known for its top ranking universities and top of the class education system that guarantees success for hard working students.

Choose the Date You Want!

Universities in the USA typically have two main intakes for international students:


Fall Semester (August/September): Known as the fall intake, it has the most students taken in and has most universities open to choose from.

Spring Semester (January): Known as the spring intake it has a lesser number of students taken in and fewer universities to choose from.


Additional Options:

Rolling Admissions: A few universities have rolling admissions for specific programs, meaning you can choose to enroll throughout the year!

Frequently Asked Questions

What grade do I need to enroll? 

Typically universities in the USA require a minimum of 60% scores with tests like SAT and IELTS for English proficiency. 


What are the scholarships provided for Nepali Students? 

Explore university websites, government programs for opportunities in grants, scholarships and financial aid provided by either the university or organizations. 

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